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Nitrogen cuts across all operation types in agricultural-related businesses, and accounts for around ⅔ of the carbon footprint of most crops grown, as well as a significant source of air and water pollution.

We work with industry clients to track and reduce nitrogen loss throughout their supply chain by monitoring impacts and losses of Nitrogen in forms of pollution and emission.

Remote monitoring of high-impact nitrogen pollution sources

Agreed uses advanced geospatial analytics and observed data to enable field-level nitrogen flow and loss  tracking.  


Tools for nitrogen accounting and reporting

Agreed works with companies that are impacted by farming - whether in their supply chain or in their local environment - to measure and monitor the climate and environmental impact of Nitrogen loss from farms for reporting compliance purposes.


As policies such as Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) enter into force in 2024, the need for reporting and accounting tools for Nitrogen is only going to grow.   


Farmer-facing engagement dashboard

We also give companies a means to improve their partnership and engagement with farmers with our farmer-facing Nitrogen Loss Dashboard. This helps farmers identify Nitrogen loss ‘hot spots’ and suggests means of ‘losing and using less’.  


This in turn helps reduce environmental impact and improve profitability for both farmers and companies they work with.    

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