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ABOUT Agreed

Agreed is a platform that provides tools, guidance and data-driven insights to support farmers moving to more profitable, nature-friendly practices.

Our goal is to help farmers improve the long-term profitability and sustainability of their farms by decreasing their input costs, improving their productivity and soil health, in addition to accessing new income streams. 


Members of our network will have free access to a range of datasets and tools to help decide on the most appropriate and profitable practices for their farm. They will see and learn how these practices are being implemented in their area and can both contribute to, and draw on, evidence and results from a wide-range of sustainable farming trials.  


First to be launched is a UK field map of soil water retention to help identify areas unable to fully utilise applied nitrogen and so at risk of overapplication.  Our data and tools can help farmers reduce this overapplication of nitrogen fertiliser and the associated cost. 


Sign up to see what other farms are doing, share your experiences and register interest in planned trials. 


Meet the Team

Kelly Price

    Biologist, Entrepreneur,                     20 years in Data Analytics

• Biologist w/deep understanding of soil science

• Launched and exited two oncology businesses

• Stanford and LBS Alum

Sarah Power

Change Management Expert

• Behavioural change with Agriculture focus

• Former Partner at Global Consulting Firm

• MSc Carbon Management

Reed Walker

NASA/NOAA Satellite Data Commercialisation Expert

• Electrical Engineer and former NASA data commercialisation consultant

• Former start-up tech CFO from Silicon Valley

• Northwestern and Kellogg Alum